nap_timeWhat is Equine-Assisted Counselling?

Guided work with horses can reduce stress, increase resilience and feelings of empowerment. Research shows equine-assisted sessions are an amazing way to reduce anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, and other issues.

Sessions are at Blue Raven Farm in Hants County Nova Scotia, approximately one hour and fifteen minutes drive from Halifax.

All work takes place on the ground (not riding) led by an equine professional and a Canadian Certified Counselor. Blue Raven’s Norwegian Fjord horses are a special breed: steady and kind, they have been raised at Blue Raven specifically to interact gently with each other and with humans.

Exercises include observing, approaching, touching, grooming and leading the horses while allowing ourselves to connect with our feelings, our sense experiences and the powerful presence of the horses, sea, land and sky. Horses are uniquely attuned to body language and emotional signals. This allows participants to move beyond words into direct connection with the animal and themselves.

We provide sessions for individuals and for workshop groups.