What is Equine-Assisted Self-Care for Professionals?

Our workshops are customized to address the specific challenges of particular workplaces and professions.  Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burn-out are addressed with evidence-based approaches. Visualization, mindfulness and relaxation are used while interacting with the horses – techniques we can take home to our workplace and everyday life. Participants come away with powerful positive associations for self-care, and new knowledge about our natural well-being.

We have led workshops for victim services personnel, law enforcement, trauma counselors and others.

Here’s what participants had to say in one end-of-workshop group poem:

Welcome feeling.
Enjoying happy-looking people and happy-looking horses.
Breathing in this lovely air.
Calming and peaceful.
The apples in the trees. 
Serene and grounding.
Grateful for renewed childhood curiousity.
Wonder and safety.
Aaaaaahhh! 🙂

Watch a video showing Blue Raven Farm:

For more information on equine-assisted counselling please call Pam Rubin directly at 902 489 0944