boat_stormMy Counselling Vision

All of us have the inner resources we need for a meaningful, positive life. I focus on building on what feels natural: grounding ourselves in the present through mindfulness, encouraging self-care habits and balance, finding approaches together to life’s problems that make common sense.

Because I specialize in trauma counselling, sometimes people ask me how I keep my spirits up. And I tell them that I get tremendous energy and joy from working with people to reclaim their lives after trauma! Those who have lived through abuse and want to survive, thrive and heal are my inspiration. I am a survivor too. I’m happy to say that survivors of all forms of abuse, assault and harassment can regain strength and contentment. Post-traumatic effects are not a life sentence, and there are many approaches, tools and strategies we can choose from together.

I work alongside clients to let them know they are not alone, that many people in the community are dealing with abuse or other troubling issues.

You will be heard, you will be believed, and you will be offered gentle options for healing.

The Course of Therapy

One reason I chose to enter private practice is to support people’s empowerment in their own lives, including making decisions about their way of engaging with counseling.

In our first session, I will go over matters related to confidentiality, recordkeeping and my availability. I will listen carefully to what’s on your mind.  After listening I will offer some possible directions for your counselling journey. If you are interested, we will make a plan together, reflecting your choices.

The more you understand about counseling, the better it works, so this first session is an important time to ask questions about the process.